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  2. Leo Fitz Week » Day Three: Favourite Relationship

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    sam’s face is precious. its a combination of pure terror at first and then confusion

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    Escape Route- Paramore; The left ear is the official studio version while the right ear is a live version from “Parahoy”.

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  6. The Flash Bash with Buzzfeed and the CW (x)

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    tbh i just need a hug

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    Were basically the same guy in two different bodies. ‘Cause the same guy in the same body would be weird.”

    Jaeger Pilot Boyfriends

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    Hair porn

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  13. I just unlocked the Dominion: Black Eyes Blue sticker on tvtag

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    Betrothed to Claire Riesen, daughter of the Lord of the City and son of the scheming David Whele, William leads the city in their quasi-religious devotion to their savior, the prophesied “Chosen One”. Pleased by his romantic prospects, despite their political underpinnings, William may have a larger role to play in this world than even he imagined. Share this one proudly; it’s from our friends at Syfy.

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